Musashi Elite Katana


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Mounted in black, the Musashi Elite katana is faithful to the original down to the famous double-ring iron tsubas The tsuka-ito is in leather over ray skin.

The blades are hand-forged in high-carbon steel, with new geometry to enhance cutting ability. It is edge-tempered using the traditional clay tempering method, resulting in a distinct hamon. Edge hardness is HRC60, back hardness HRC40. The grip is double-pegged to the tang for safety. The cutting style katanas (Elite, XL, XL Light) include a traditional maintenance kit.

The blade is from the Performance series. The Elite katana's blade is a little wider and a little thicker then the traditional counterpart, allowing for easier cuts on normal targets.


New Blade Geometry
Built for cutting
Traditional construction
Free Maintenance Kit
Free Sword Bag
Overall Length: 104.1cm
Blade Length 73.7cm 29"
Grip Length 27.9cm
Weight 1211 gram 

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