Steampunk Generator Striking Clock


A fully fuctional model of Neo-Victorian clock

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A Neo-Victorian clock. This Steampunk Generator Striking Clock may not run on steam, but its design is sure to bring to mind tales of eccentric inventors and strange devices. A stylized dial clock rests atop a miniature generator. Copper wiring and bolts are among the carefully crafted features found on the resin statue. Roman numerals and fleur-de-lis decorate the cog shaped dial. The golden gearwork appearing at the clocks center is fully functional. A metal arm strikes the bell to declare the hour.

Needs batteries to fuction (not included)

Key Features:

    Exhibits exquisite detail
    Hand-painted in an antique finish
    Features a fully functional striking clock
    Accented with gearwork, bolts, and copper wiring
    A Neo-Victorian timepiece for your home or office


    Crafted from cold cast bronze


Height: 8.5 Inches


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